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Akimichi theme for Karenderia Mobile App 3.0

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Are you looking for a new theme for your karenderia app or just tired of its same old look? Maybe we can help you!

Akimichi theme is available for the latest version of the Karenderia Mobile App. It’s clean, appealing, sophisticated and you can have it in any color you want. We also offer free updates for future versions. 🙂

No more talking, let’s take a look at the update history and some of its advantages:

Version 3.0 (NEW):

– FIXED: food item image not loading when it has space on the name;
– FIXED: box title unedited when the advanced search is active;
– New layout for search field;

Version 2.8:

NEW: Open restaurants first;
NEW: Closed restaurants blurred;
New: Cart page new layout;
NEW: Reviews page new layout;
NEW: Orders page new layout;

NEW: Items with no image now display no image;
NEW: “Remove filters” button;
NEW: Layout improvements;
NEW: New loader;
FIXED: Category filter not working;
FIXED: “Forgot password?” option missing;
FIXED: No gray background in some fields.

Version 2.7.1:

NEW: Get merchant background cover automatically;
FIXED: Get current location not working when the advanced search is enabled;
FIXED: Create Account and Verify Account buttons not working;
FIXED: Missing title at ccform.html popup notification;
FIXED: Order status over user ratings at orders page;
FIXED: Buttons layout when Search by location;
FIXED: Layout improvements.

Version 2.6:

New layout for restaurant list;
New layout for category list;
New layout for food item list;
New search by restaurant name on restaurant list;
Layout upgrades;
Bug fixes;

Version 2.5:

Search by: location, restaurant name, street address, cuisine or food
Clean and beautiful color scheme;
New font style and icons;
UX design improved;
Float cart added;
Eye-cacthing new home screen;
Awesome receipt page redesign;


2 reviews for Akimichi theme for Karenderia Mobile App 3.0

  1. Sergen Alkan

    It’s very good.

  2. deenunk

    Great job too, but I’d like to see a new version of it

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